Guangdong Jiancheng Mechanical


Enterprise Spirit Corporate Vision
1. Entertaining the market, winning the odds and win-win
2. Innovative team, harmonious enterprise
1. Improve brand internationalization and revitalize the national special vehicle industry
The company's medium-term development goals Company short-term development goals
1. The product quality level is the first in the same industry in China
2. The market share of the product in southern China ranks first in China
3. The added value of products ranks first in China
4. Employee benefits rank first in the industry
1. Become one of the three production and research bases of the parent company in the south, north and middle, and achieve sales income of 300-500 million.
2. Employee benefits are at the forefront of Kaiping City.
Business Philosophy
1. People-oriented is one of the core values ​​of Guangdong Jiancheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

▲ R&D oriented
▲ Based on product quality
▲ Employee-oriented
▲ Based on customers and suppliers

2. The company allows individuals the opportunity to make mistakes and correct them, and advocate freedom of speech and humane management.
3. The company respects the thoughts and opinions of each individual, treats each individual equally, gives full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of all, and turns passive work into
   Work independently to create maximum personal value.

4. Respecting all people and establishing a harmonious and friendly relationship between people is the key to our future career success.

Career Development
1. The company pays attention to the career development of each employee, and is committed to creating a broad platform that is conducive to the development of employees' individual talents and the company's business development.
2. Respect individual labor. Personal achievements, inventions and discoveries should be respected, rewarded or promoted, and others or leaders should not take credit.
3. The company encourages employees to openly discuss their career development and opportunities.
4. In an enterprise that is constantly developing and changing, there are opportunities everywhere, waiting for talented and agile employees to pursue hard work, as a team member of Guang Jiancheng Company
   As a member, you will have the opportunity to expand your career, develop your potential and realize your dreams in a company focused on employee development.
5. Any field of the company, including finance, marketing, human resources, logistics management, manufacturing, technology research and development, quality management, supply chain management
   Management, party affairs and culture management are all platforms for you to display your talents and realize your dreams.
Work-Life Environment
1. The company pays attention to employee health and environmental sanitation. After the relocation, a "garden-style" factory will be built to actively create a green and comfortable working atmosphere for employees.
2. The company will provide clean, comfortable and information-based office space and staff dormitories equipped with air conditioners, color TVs and all-day hot water supply.
3. The company has built modern sports venues, badminton courts, basketball courts, table tennis courts, etc., so that employees can work and live in an atmosphere of entertainment while working.
4. The company will build a spacious, hygienic and affordable staff restaurant.
5. The environment of the community where the company is located is elegant, with convenient transportation and shopping.
Service Standards
1. Guangjian Company finally realized product “zero”service.
2. Guangjian Company provides all-weather green services.
3. Do it for 3 24 hours (except for returning to the factory due to serious failure): 24-hour hotline, arrival within 24 hours, and completion within 24 hours.
Guangjian Company Slogan
1. Where there is a road, there must be me “long time”
2. The good shooter is not in the arrow but in it, the "long-term" pursuit is your demand
   The pilgrims are not in their place but in their hearts, “forever” love you forever
1. "A long time" equipment to make money machine.
2. Bleaching snow in the north, Bauhinia in the south, and special vehicles "built" and "long-run".
Corporate Logo
Guangdong Jiancheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. factory standard:
Marketing Beliefs
1. Competition, interest, risk ——market.
2. Survive by consciousness and develop by innovation.
3. Consumer satisfaction is our happiness.
4. I am the customer and I am the consumer.
5. There is no awareness of crisis is the biggest crisis, indulging in success will inevitably lead to failure.
6. We will never give up on our users, and our cause will never die.
7. We hold the safety and life of enterprises and consumers in our hands.
8. The resources of the past were developed from the land, and the resources of the present were developed from the mind.
9. There is no saturated market, only saturated products.
10. In the market competition, it is not the competitors but the customer's needs that are concerned.
11. The quality that the user is satisfied with is the good quality.
12. Optimists see hope in disasters, pessimists see disasters in hope.
13. There are fish in the nets and nets.