Guangdong Jiancheng Mechanical


According to the relevant laws, regulations and standards of the state pressure vessel manufacturing, in order to ensure the manufacturing quality of the enterprise pressure vessel products, combined with the actual quality management of the company, the company has established a perfect design and manufacturing quality assurance system, and determined the quality policy and objectives. The quality system structure, organization, responsibility and authority, documents and materials, contract management, design control, continuous improvement, personnel management, implementation of design licensing rules and so on are stipulated.

"Quality first, safety first, service first, reputation first" to the pursuit of product perfection for the purpose, adhere to the quality of survival, management and efficiency, adhere to the "three no principle" - unqualified materials do not go into production, unqualified parts do not turn, unqualified products do not leave the factory. To ensure safe, reliable, durable and stable pressure vessel product quality.