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What is the appropriate design for the wall thickness of the glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank?

There is no uniform standard for the wall thickness of FRP storage tanks. In general, the size of FRP storage tanks is different. The wall thickness of the storage tanks is different, especially the static pressure at the bottom of the storage caused by the height; 300m3 of hydrochloric acid If the diameter of the storage tank is 7000-7500mm, the thickness of the storage tank is thicker at the lower part, generally 30-35mm, and then gradually reduced in the upper part. The thickness of the upper part is generally 20-25mm. Vaulted.

Generally, large-volume FRP vertical storage tanks will be designed into a wave shape as a reinforcing rib. For small ones below 2 meters, the personal recommendation is 8-10MM. There is no obvious thickness ratio. In the construction, considering the strength, the middle and lower parts of the tank will be deliberately smeared. It is possible to have two layers, but it is not recommended in actual operation. If you use it yourself, you don't need to consider other things. If there is deformation and bulge in use, you can use a steel belt to make a ring buckle to strengthen it. A slight bulge will not affect the use. If it is a mass-produced product, design the tank body to be a wave ring stiffener, or directly increase the thickness on the basis of the experiment. In addition to the wave shape, the large storage tank will be attached with a steel belt, and the fixed position is roughly the lower 1/3.

The reasonable lay-up structure of the FRP tank is the guarantee of the strength performance and corrosion resistance of the FRP tank. The glass fiber reinforced plastic tank wall is composed of the following three layers: Inner layer: It is composed of resin-rich layer and middle layer.

Inner layer: The resin-rich layer of the FRP hydrochloric acid tank is reinforced by lining resin and organic fiber polyester felt. The resin content is more than 90%, and its thickness is about 015mm. This layer has good air tightness and mainly provides corrosion resistance and anti-penetration of the product. talent.

Intermediate layer: The intermediate layer is composed of lining resin and alkali-free glass fiber radiating yarn. The resin content is 70%~80%, and the thickness is about 2mm. The main function of this layer is to maintain the resin-rich layer and improve the inner layer's resistance to internal pressure. Failure ability, prevent crack propagation, strengthen compressive stress and various external loads, and protect the inner layer. The resin content of the glass fiber reinforced plastic transport tank is 30%~40%, and its thickness is determined according to the load conditions. Adding an appropriate amount of filler to the resin can improve the wear resistance of FRP.

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