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Pressure Vessel Manufacture License Requirements

1. Requirements for pressure vessel manufacturing license (A1 and A2 grades do not include design and non-destructive subcontracting):

1. Site requirements:

Offices, warehouses, non-destructive testing exposure rooms, test sites, etc. meet the needs of use. At least there are conference rooms, offices of various departments, warehouses; there are system posters on the wall, company cards, etc. (the corresponding copy of the property rights and the lease agreement should be prepared, not less than 5 years)

2. Requirements for equipment, calibration and regulations:

Equipment and inspection instruments (with a measurement function, a verification/calibration certificate is required): cutting equipment, forming equipment, machining equipment, welding equipment, welding material drying and heat preservation equipment, lifting equipment, surface treatment equipment, etc., and necessary equipment It has a heat treatment furnace suitable for the product manufacturing process, and is equipped with a temperature measuring instrument that automatically records the temperature curve. The manufacture of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal pressure vessels shall be manufactured in a separate site. Plate rolling machine with cold coil thickness not less than 150mm (forged-welded container is manufactured with machining equipment with diameter > 5m and height > 2m) and a single lifting device with a rated lifting capacity of not less than 200t and a length of 10m*width of 5m* Heat treatment furnaces with a height of more than 5m. Set up testing platform, non-destructive testing equipment (X-ray testing or TOFD testing above 150mm), physical and chemical testing equipment, pressure test equipment and leakage test equipment.

Other categories (verification/calibration certificate is required): tools related to pressure testing, tools related to electrical testing, various rulers, viewing lamps, etc.

Regulations: special equipment safety laws, regulations, solid volume regulations, standards for the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, etc.

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