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Are gas semi-trailers more profitable than fuel semi-trailers? Need to know these truths

In recent years, the level of domestic economic development has been continuously improved, and relevant departments have paid more and more attention to the problem of environmental pollution. In such a large environment, many car companies have launched new products that are more environmentally friendly, such as electric vehicles and gas vehicles. However, transport-type commercial vehicles such as semi-trailers are mainly used for long-distance running. They have relatively high requirements on endurance and charging places, and it is difficult to achieve comprehensive electrification. Therefore, gas vehicles are mainly used at present.

Gas semi-trailer refers to a semi-trailer model that uses natural gas as fuel instead of fuel. Its fuel can generally be divided into two types: LNG (liquefied natural gas) or CNG (compressed natural gas), but CNG models are relatively few now. Most of them are LNG vehicles.

With the implementation of the National VI emission standards, the monitoring of exhaust emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles has become more and more stringent. Many car owners have replaced their fuel vehicles with gas vehicles, and some car owners are thinking about replacing their models with gas. car.

So, how to choose a gas semi-trailer and a fuel semi-trailer is more suitable? When it comes to how to choose, we must first weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages of gas semi-trailer:

1. Fuel prices are cheaper

In most cases, natural gas is cheaper than diesel. It is understood that at the same equivalent calorific value, countries around the world generally control the price of 1m³ of natural gas at about half of the price of 1 liter of diesel. If the thermal efficiency of various types of engines is relatively close, then the fuel cost of gas vehicles is about half of that of fuel vehicles. This can save a lot of money on vehicle fuel over the year.

2. Protect the engine

As far as the engine at the top of the vehicle window is concerned, the natural gas is more likely to be fused with the air evenly in the engine, the combustion is more complete and clean, and it is not easy to generate carbon deposits, so it can greatly reduce the wear degree of the parts in the engine cylinder, prolong the service life of the engine, and improve the performance of the engine. Limit the use of lubricants to reduce vehicle maintenance or repair costs.

3. Better low temperature startup performance

Car owners in the north may experience this more deeply, and the feeling of roasting a car in the morning is really not very pleasant. However, there is no such trouble when using a gas vehicle, because the gas tank of the vehicle itself is a low-temperature gas or liquid, which is not frozen like diesel.

4. More environmentally friendly

Compared with fuel vehicles, the exhaust gas of gas vehicles is cleaner, of which CO2 emissions are reduced by about 20%, CO by about 97%, HC (hydrocarbons) by about 72%, and NOX (nitrogen oxides) by about 30%. Basically free of harmful substances such as lead, sulfide and benzene, there is no need to add additional urea for vehicles, and there is no need to worry about fines for exceeding the exhaust gas detection standard. In addition, it can also be encouraged and supported by the state, and there are certain tax incentives when purchasing a car.

5. Don't be afraid of stealing by "gas guzzling"

For semi-trailer owners, the "fuel consumption" is quite annoying, and many owners have to sleep on the fuel tank in cold weather. After replacing the gas car, it will be different. After all, natural gas cannot be stolen if you want to. After all, the risk of stealing gas is much higher than stealing oil. Besides, the price is not as expensive as fuel, so the owner can stop and rest directly when he is tired. Don't worry about fuel being stolen.

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