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Cryogenic liquid transport semi-trailer


Cryogenic Liquid Transport Semi-trailer

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Cryogenic liquid transport semi-trailer

KP9401GDY (Liquid Oxygen)


Product Details

Product trademark: Jiuyuan Brand
Vehicle Model: KP9401GDY Vehicle name: Cryogenic liquid transport semi-trailer
Business Name: Guangdong Jiancheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Business Address: Kaiping City, Guangdong Province

Registration address:

No. 74, East Yanjiang Road, Changsha, Kaiping
Production address: No. 74, East Yanjiang Road, Changsha, Kaiping, Guangdong;
Phone number: (0750)2215273 Fax number: (0750)2277089 Zip Code: 529300
2000 Catalogue Category:  
Automobile serial number:  
Civil modified car company province: Enterprise serial number:
Truck Crane Enterprise Serial Number: Oversize and Special Purpose Vehicle Enterprise Serial Number:
Enterprise Website:
E-mail: gdkp@kppcsem.com
Main technical parameters
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm):
Length: 10860 Width: 2480 Height: 3800
Inner dimension of cargo compartment panel (length X width X height) (mm):
Length: Width: High:
Fuel Type: Emission by Standard:
Steering Style: Number of axes: 3 Wheelbase(mm): 5240+1320+1320
Number of leaf springs (front/rear): -/8/8/8 Number of tires: 12
Front track (mm): Rear Track (mm): 1820/1820/1820
Tire size: 11.00-20  
Total mass (kg): 39500 Rated load capacity (kg): 22280
Curb weight (kg): 17220 Total mass of quasi-trailer (kg):
Load Mass Utilization Coefficient: Maximum allowable load-carrying mass of semi-trailer saddle (kg): 15500
The number of passengers in the cab (person): Rated passenger (including driver) (person):
Approach/Departure (°): -/18.2 Axle load (kg): -/24000 (with three axles)
Front/Rear (mm): -/1610 Maximum speed (km/h): VIN:

Chassis model, type and manufacturer:

Others: Double-layer tank structure, outer tank length 9766mm, outer tank diameter: 2216mm; inner tank length 9050mm, inner tank diameter: 1800mm ; Effective volume: 22.3 cubic meters; Medium name: liquid oxygen; Filling mass per unit volume: 1000 kg/cubic meter. The tractor has 3 axles. The "non-combustible gas" logo is sprayed on the sides and rear of the body.

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